Speed Sketchers

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  • Fastest caricature artists in the world - Can draw black and white caricatures of up to 150 people in 3 hours
  • Digital, black and white or full color artwork files and attendance sent to you at or after the event. Done virtually from guests homes or on campus
  • Speed Sketchers are a full team of artists, available across the country, and have drawn at hundreds of virtual events

Adam Pate is the originator of the Speed Sketch Caricature and considered the fastest caricature artist in the world. He has been very busy drawing people in around a minute at events all over the country for almost a decade! He regularly draws up to 200 people in his 3 hour, highly interactive performances. He even brings a big sign with a timer on it so guests can challenge his speed! His popularity has grown so much that he has found and trained other incredibly talented artists to complete his team of Speed Sketchers! Each artist can draw up to 140 - 180 people in 3 hours, sitting or strolling.

Digital/Virtual Caricatures

Location: Multiple Locations, USA

Adam P.
Cleveland, OH

BeeJay H.
Kansas City, MO

John S.
Pennsylvania, PA

Ron H.
Cleveland, OH

Clarence M.
Cleveland, OH

Arie M.
Kansas City, MO

Jodie F.
Clyde, OH / Los Angeles, LA

Al L.
San Francisco, CA

Steve N.
Newark, NJ

Ron K.
Pittsburgh, PA

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