Show Ratings

Show Rating System for Acts from The College Agency

What is the purpose of the rating system?

Our rating system provides school members and buyers with advance information about the content of our acts’ shows to help them determine who is appropriate for their audience. After all, you know your campus best! Ratings have been discussed and agreed upon on by each act.

*Please note that these ratings are a guideline only.

This show is perfectly clean. Topics will be very limited at this rating. There will be zero sexual content and no mention of alcohol or drugs. Think Disney movies...

This is a clean show. The act will not use profanity and there will be very little sexual content, if any - no innuendo and no sexual act-outs. Topics like "the walk of shame" may be mentioned, but not with direct reference to sexual content. References to alcohol may be included, but without encouraging anyone in the audience to drink alcohol. Drug jokes will be avoided, unless they are discouraging of drugs.

A PG-13 show is one where profanity is ok in moderation, but no "f" words. Sexual content may be in the set, but not in a detailed account. You should expect a lot of innuendo and double-entendre. Humor in the show will not always be clean, but will never be explicitly filthy. References to drugs and alcohol may occur.

Anything goes. There will be no specific restrictions on what the act can or can not talk about. Sexual content may be explicit and detailed. Drug and alcohol references are allowed, and may go into detail about the use of either.