Shut Up Just Dance

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Shut Up Just Dance

Silent Headphone Dance Party (3 Great Options!)

  • Up to 3 Channels of music you select, including text requests with the Ultimate Package!
  • Headphones change color so you know what everyone else is listening and dancing to!
  • Perfect for both daytime and late night events on campus!

Want to dance?
Join us for our next Shut Up Just Dance sponsored silent event! GRAB your Shut Up Just Dance set of headphones, and CHOOSE FROM the the DJ-Red, DJ-Blue or DJ-Green channels and get ready! You have up to 3 different music choices to dance to!

It's a noisy world!
Need a solution to a NOISY PROBLEM? Some events are good, but maybe you want to TURN UP THE VOLUME. Want to dance during the day, but there are classes going on? Want to do an event at a museum but don’t want to shake things up! WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION!

Music to your ears!
Planning an event? Want something different? Shut Up Just Dance is a perfect fit for your student event! With up to 3 different channels of music, you can make your event multicultural or multilingual, or even hold a day time dance party in the middle of the union without interrupting anyone!

Location: Washington, DC

    Need a solution to a noisy problem? Want to dance during the day, but classes are going on? Tired of the same old DJ Party & want to shake things up? WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION! Grab your Shut Up Just Dance headphones and choose from the DJ-Red, DJ-Blue, or DJ-Green channels and get ready! Shut Up Just Dance delivers 3 incredible options for multiple show experiences. Using their QR code technology, your students will text in their requests and dance away! This is not a sit back and listen kind of silent headphone party, this is the Shut Up Just Dance experience!

Show Rating Types Available (learn more):
Rated G Rated PG Rated PG-13