Tammy Peterburs

Tammy Peterburs


Pronouns: she, her, hers

Tammy started working at TCA in June of 2012. She and her family moved to the area to be closer to family and wound up living right down the street from her brother Craig and sister-in-law Denise. TCA had an opening so it was a win-win all the way around. And yes, luckily she and Craig do still seem to like each other even though they spend a lot of time together. (Everybody asks!) In the past she has worked in the health insurance industry, for a non-profit association, and a church and school. In her spare time, Tammy is busy running her kids wherever they need to go.

When I was young, I wanted to be:
Radio DJ

Favorite food:
There isn’t much I don’t like.

Favorite movie:
The Proposal – Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds (nuff said) and Betty White (who doesn’t love Betty White, right?)

Favorite CD/Album:
Way too many genres and a long time frame to choose from. Yikes! A few would be:
Duran Duran – Rio
Slaughter – Stick It to Ya
Trisha Yearwood – Thinkin’ About You
Keith Urban – Golden Road
Adele - 21
The Outfield - Play Deep

Favorite subject in school:

Favorite book:
Anything by John Sanford, Vince Flynn or Sue Grafton – I’m all about the murder mysteries

Favorite TV show:
NCIS, Expedition Unknown, Blacklist

Favorite sport:
Whatever my kids are playing or is on tv that day. I love watching sports!

Describe your perfect day:
Definitely sleeping in, then drinking a chai tea latte on the front porch with my hubby. Just hanging around the house or working in the yard for a bit. Watching some sort of sports at the field, gym or on tv and a mid-afternoon nap with a cat on my lap. We’d wrap up the day with some family and friends on the deck with a bonfire and a few beers.

Alma mater:
St. Cloud State University

Proudest Accomplishment or Award:
My kids

Why do you like your job?
I get to work with people I love hanging out with.

Husband, Ryan – married in 1995
Son, Jack – born in 1999
Son, Matthew – born in 2001
Daughter, Josie – born in 2003
And I can’t forget our three cats!