Spice It Up

Spice It Up

Make Your Own Seasoning!

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Onsite Event with Host

Drop-Ship Rental Event

  • Students create their own healthy seasoning, learn about spices origins, and make college meals taste amazing!
  • Choose from fun packaging options & customize your labels to bring in your school theme!
  • Show options can include our $100 cash prize food competition SPICE IT UP SEASONING SHOWDOWN!

From the creators of College Lip Sync Battle, Salsa Magic, Shut Up Just Dance, College Selfie & Dance Like Magic as Seen at over 600+ campuses comes the Ultimate Food lovers experience. Spice It Up will give your students a chance to get creative and make their own seasoning to make that next College Meal taste like a home meal without all the calories. Taught by Lee "El Gringuito" Kat "La Gata & our team of Foodpreneurs who have created Gringuito Sauce®, A Flavor Fiesta in a Bottle® Rubs & other food products sold around the World!

Here is how the show works. First, your students will be introduced to the worldly origins and uses of dozens of spices & seasonings. Here they will have an opportunity to ask questions of our Guest chef and sample items like New Mexico ground peppers, sumac & palm sugar to name a few. Next, they will create their own unique seasoning to take that next College meal from ordinary to extraordinary. So if your students are tired of eating boring Ramen noodle & cold pizza Spice It Up is the spiciest, sweetest, educational, worldly, and downright yummy show on the College Market!

Foodie Themes
  • Ultimate French Fry Seasoning
  • Smoky Mac & Cheese Seasoning
  • The Ultimate College Seasoning
Cultural Themes
  • Ohh So Adobo Latin Seasoning
  • South East Asia Rice Seasoning
  • South African Braai BBQ Seasoning
Sweet Themes
  • Hot Cocoa & Chilli Seasoning
  • Mexican-Inspired Coco Seasoning
Custom seasonings can be created for an additional fee of $500

Location: Washington, DC

    Are you tired of eating boring Ramen & cold pizza? Activation Space showcaser – Spice It Up - can help! “Spice It Up” is a spicy, sweet, educational, worldly, and downright yummy interactive program. The event is a flavor experience that will give your students a chance to get creative and make their own seasoning that will take college meals from ordinary to extraordinary. During the program, students are introduced to worldly origins and uses of dozens of spices & seasonings, can participate in a fun game of foodie trivia, winning cash & foodie-themed socks! Topping off their experience off with creating their own unique seasoning mix. Depending on your budget you can book with a host OR rent the program – you can even customize the program yourself! Make sure to make your spice today with Spice It Up!